Business Card

Business Card System is a system used for the purpose of organizing of presswork of business card by allowing full time academic and administrative staff of the university to enter their own information through the internet.

  • The system is opened for user input at the beginning of each semester. Users are informed about opening and closing dates with a previously made announcement.
  • One can log in to the system by using the Boğaziçi University e-mail account name and the password at the address of
  • Before printing after submission of the information the businesscard system allows users to preview their businesscards. Accuracy of the information that is entered and how these information look like on the businesscard must be checked carefully by the user. Each user is responsible of the correctness of the information that is entered by him or her.
  • After the completion of the information entrance, the businesscards will be sent to the printing office to be printed. After the printing process is finished, The Corporate Communication Office is going to handle the delivery operation of the businesscards.