BOUN VPN Service

What is VPN?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Networking. VPN enables users to connect to their organization's network and resources in a secure manner through any internet connected network. Communication via the VPN connection is encrypted, thus eavesdroping is prevented. This also ensures integrity of the communication (content of communication remains unchaged).

What can be accomplished using the BOUN VPN service?

Users connecting to VPN service acquire a private IP address from the organization's network. Thanks to this, one can benefit from services that are prohibited to external networks such as licensing, and also connect to their computing devices residing in the organization for remote desktop or file sharing purposes.

What are the limitations of the BOUN VPN service?

VPN service allows 200 concurrent logins and a user can not have more than 1 active connection simultaneously. While connected to the service all internet traffic is routed through the BOUN Net, thus Bogazici University's policy on usage of information|computing resources apply in this duration.

This service is limited to instructors' use at this time.